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Learning how to cope with chronic pain helped Domenic to keep moving forward

After experiencing pain like no other from a regular walk, Domenic was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which led to years of struggle with finding care and treatment. Eventually, a visit to a chiropractic ‘bootcamp’ helped Domenic strengthen his body and learn the value of taking things slow.  There is new hope in the circle of […]

How chiropractic care helped David manage his severe arthritis

At just 26 years old, David never thought that his back and glute pain could have been due to arthritis. After years of navigating the health care system for the right diagnosis and the right kind of care, he finally found a way to help manage his chronic pain at a chiropractic spine clinic.   At […]

Biking, walking, and interval training a reality again for Jane, who has spinal stenosis

A sudden onset of arthritic pain led Jane to seek a chiropractor, who helped her get back to biking, walking, and even interval training.  “I never thought I had or could have arthritis because you don’t want to think you’re getting old!”. Jane, a patient with spinal stenosis reflects on learning her diagnosis after years […]

From Athletes to Seniors: Chiropractic Treatments for Various Needs

By Dr. Chris Gordon-Tennant | I’ve always had a huge passion for sports. As a chiropractor, I’ve treated many elite and professional athletes, including at the 2015 Pan American Games and Parapan Am Games. It’s particularly satisfying to help athletes recover so they can continue to excel. However, my greatest passion is getting to the […]

Helping Individuals with Arthritis Improve their Quality of Life

By Dr. Aksa Ahmed | Arthritis is a chronic condition that affects the lives of more than six million Canadians. This term describes a group of more than 100 diseases characterized by inflammation in the joints or other areas of the body. Some of the various symptoms arthritis causes include limited mobility, stiffness and joint swelling. Arthritis […]

Collaborative Care for All – Particularly Young Professionals

By Dr. Nardine Bekhit | Some people think you don’t need a chiropractor until you have an injury or reach middle age years. Young professionals sometimes believe they can get away with pushing past their physical limits in order to meet the demands of their busy schedules, but eventually this catches up to them. Supporting Young […]

How Teamwork Helps Our Patients and Keeps Them in the Forefront

By Dr. Paolo De Ciantis | From managing low back pain through Rapid Access Clinics to helping patients get off opioids, the impact of how multidisciplinary teamwork helps our patients can’t be denied. We see the value of collaboration play out every day for patients visiting our sports-based practice. There, we help a range of needs, from athletes […]

Animal Chiropractic Care Keeps your Pet Moving Well

By Dr. Kim Adie | Our pets are valued members of our families. However, some people are surprised to learn our furry friends can also suffer from problems related to spinal dysfunction. When these problems occur, they cause pain and stiffness that can affect their daily activities, competitive sports, work and play. Just as many of […]

Tom and Colleen are aging well with the right exercise program and care

Tom Kellar and his wife, Colleen Fraser, from Sudbury, Ont., have always tried to stay active by going to the gym, walking, or hitting the trails on snowshoes or skis during the winter. But in recent years, pain made exercise a challenge for them both. For Tom, the pain was particularly bad in his left […]

With manual therapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, Brian stood up to spinal stenosis

Brian Mandelker had experienced low back pain before. “Mostly standing around coaching kids’ baseball and hockey teams,” says the 64-year-old entrepreneur from Thornhill, Ontario. But nothing like the constant, searing pressure that hit him in the autumn of 2017. Fortunately, a chiropractor’s manual therapy helped treat his lumbar spinal stenosis. “I couldn’t sit through dinner, I […]